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26 Dec 2022

my public dotfiles

tldr My dotfiles are now public on Gitlab 🎉

Publishing one's dotfiles can feel like posting naked pictures. It may show things that people wouldn't like to see. But I was finally brave to do it (publishing dotfiles). I think it's fair to publish them, as I have read many public dotfile repositories before writing mine. You can find my dotfiles on Gitlab.

GNU stow

To keep a repository with all the dotfiles I am using GNU Stow. On its website, GNU Stow is defined as a symlink farm manager. It helps me to manage automatically symlinks between $HOME (or any other place that can contain dotfiles) and my dotfiles repository. I included a makefile in the repository to automatically create all the needed links using this tool.

emacs config

The biggest part of my dotfiles repository is my Emacs configuration in emacs/.emacs.d. I have a modularized Emacs configuration, keeping .el files for things like agenda, theming, keybindings, etc. I try to add explanations for everything I add there, so I hope they can be useful to you.


There are always private things in your dotfiles that you don't want to show.

For instance, in ssh configuration, there are some entries that I want to keep secret. The solution was easy, I just need to add a new config.secret file with those entries. That file will be included in my .gitignore file and, to ensure I can access those entries, I added the following to my main config file:

Include config.secret

All your secret entries will be automatically imported!

I also keep some gitignored *.secrets.sh* files that include APIs keys and similar things.

Tags: linux emacs